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As the recent coronavirus advice has us confined to our houses, we know many of you are going to be crawling the walls. Add that to the prospect of potentially losing a-lot of your hard work in the gym through lack of exercise, and it may be a worrying time for training enthusiasts. 


Whilst there are bigger and more important issues going on in the world than gym closures, it’s fair to say that exercise has a profound effect on not just your physical, but mental wellbeing. It’s a part of your life that ideally, you would like to continue.


For this reason, we would like to support you in your attempts to keep fit during this crisis. We are currently offering Live Online Classes through Zoom, 1-2-1 Online Personal Training Services, Online Nutrition Coaching and Online Training Programming.


We understand that many of you have limited resources, both financially and materially. (Trust us, this has affected our business too!). Our class prices have been reduced during this time and we will do our best to get creative with whatever facilites/equipment you have! 

Check out our blog for more info - 'Achieve Your Goals With These Lockdown Coaching Services'

Online Exercise Classes

Online exercise class
Monday @ 8pm
Thursday @ 8pm
Saturday @ 8am
Class times:

Each and every class is different, with varying formats and timings to ensure you never get bored and to mix up the intensity.


The classes are a fantastic way to burn many calories, socalise during isolation and improve your strength and mobility. 

Classes are delivered by two knowledgeable, experienced coaches providing not only a clear visual to follow but to ensure form and technique can be observed

Classes start from as little as £4.50 - click here to enquire

Online Personal Training

& Outdoor Personal Training

Personal training is for those looking for a bespoke coaching experience to achieve specific goals.

Effective training sessions can be completed with minimal kit - it's about how you use it that counts!

We can offer 1-2-1 coaching through various

applications to allow for encouragement, motivation,

form correction and demonstrations - plus outdoors now too!

This is a fantastic way to continue working towards your specific goals with some extra accountability and support.

Personal Training starts from as little as £25 - click here to enquire

Online Nutrition Coaching

weight loss results
weight loss online coach
Weight loss results

During this period you can take advantage of our Nutrition Coaching to ensure you don't gain too much weight whilst stuck at home, and/or help you to retain you hard-earned muscle mass.

This will help to hold you accountable, provide a support and feedback system, whilst allowing flexibility giving the current circumstances.

As always, Nutrition is a key component in health & fitness. You should definitely aim to sustain a healthy diet and positive habits towards nutrition regardless of other factors.

Nutrition coaching starts from £20 a month - click here to enquire

Online Training Programme

Online Training Programmes provide a facility whereby you have a routine and structure created for you to use in your own time. 

It is less costly than Online Personal Training, however a client will be required to have sufficient experience and knowledge of movement patterns and their response to exercise. 

This is particularly useful for those that either find themselves bored of the same routines, are looking for new ideas, and/or those that have found their progress stall. We can help you to take away the stress of 'what to do' whilst planning training sessions.

Exercise demonstrations and technique videos can be provided - however we stress that this option is best-suited to intermediate or advanced gym users.

Online Training Programming starts from £30 a month - click here to enquire